vendingIt’s New. It’s Free.

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An unparalleled variety of selections in only 1/3 the space

  • 8 selections of refrigerated beverages
  • 16 selections of mixed snacks
  • 14 mixed entree and meal sides

The OFFICE DELI‘s sleek design compliments any decor, and its compact format takes up less space than units that offer similar variety and selection. Ruggedly built for high traffic indoor locations, the OFFICE DELI uses oversized motors and field-proven electronics and controls to assure reliable vends.  Entree module vends a wide variety of microwavable hot meals; soups, pasta cups, chili & stews, hot cereals, cold snack packs, fruit cups, and many other tasty heat-and-eat snacks and meals.

If you answer yes to any of these 3 questions then we can help.

  • Would your employees enjoy a variety of beverages – Coke, Pepsi, water, juices -available from a single vending machine?
  • Would your employees like a variety of delicious, nutritious, big name-brand snack foods and entrees of their choice readily available?
  • Would you like the convenience of having energy-boosting snacks and beverages and microwavable meals available for your employees on the job so they are not away from the office? Contact Us

The OFFICE DELI Refreshment Center

It’s New. It’s Free.

Why settle for just snacks and sodas when you can have much more.  Serving everything from snacks and candy to delicious microwavable entrees.

The OFFICE DELI‘s sleek design compliments any business decor and offers an unparalleled variety of selections in 1/3 the space.

  • 8 selections of refrigerated beverages.
  • 16 selections of mixed snacks.
  • 14 mixed entree and meal sides.

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