Office Deli Specs

vendingOffice Deli Specs

The OFFICE DELI Refreshment Center is designed as an indoor unit.  Its sleek design will enhance the decor of any office, break room or lobby.  It is 69.5″ tall, 42.4″ wide and 28.5″ deep.  This is about 1/3 the size of other units offering similar products.  It is ruggedly built for high traffic indoor locations.  The OFFICE DELI uses oversized motors and field-proven electronics and controls to insure reliability.

The OFFICE DELI Refreshment Center has a state of the art Coin Changer.  It will accept nickels, dimes, quarters, Loonies, Toonies and $5, 10 and $20 bills and returns change in coins.
It has the capability to vend more than one selection per purchase.

Our OFFICE DELI Refreshment Center is an attractive unit which has an excellent product presentation. .  It is energy efficient, easy to use and will be an attractive addition to your business.

We also have many other styles of Snack and Hot/Cold Beverage machines.

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